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Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Response to the VOCM Poll "The federal opposition parties say they will topple the Harper Government over its' economic update."

Hey everyone, here is my response to the VOCM Poll titled " The federal opposition parties say they will topple the Harper Government over its' economic update. Do you think they should? Why or why not?"


" Bill, to be clear, the conservative do not hold a majority of seats. (This is why the Conservatives are in a minority government) The Conservatives simply have a plurality of seats (the most of any parties, but less than when you add the seats of all 3 opposition parties plus the 2 independent MPs)

Just thought i'd clarify that.... As a result, if the Liberals head a coalition with the NDP having some Cabinet positions, and the Bloc props it up, they would have 10-12 more seats combined than the Conservatives.

That is one of the effects of ABC in this province. If harper had won every seat in Newfoundland and Labrador, he'd have a majority right now. Why? Because when you subtract 7 seats from the opposition (165-7=158) and then add 7 seats unto government side (143+7=150) you've just narrowed the gap from 22 seats in the difference to a 8 seat total in the difference.

In other words if that had happened, Harper would only have needed to convince 9 opposition MPs to cross the floor, in order to get a majority.

But because of the effectives of ABC in NL, there is no way Harper will be able to get 23 opposition MPs to cross the floor at the same time to give him a majority.... In other words, this opposition coalition government could be fact be quite stable.

For example, the 3 opposition parties created an amended "Clean Air Act" in committee, which could be re-introduced as it was beefed up by all 3 opposition parties in committee, and pass one of the most comprehensive pieces of environmental legislation swiftly...."


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Keep up the good writing. You've got talent. But I keep thinking of that poster line: "Do away with liars and cheaters - Don't elect them!" Hmmm.... Kind of says it all, doesn't it?
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